Social Venture Partners Tokyo (SVP Tokyo) hereby announces the appointment, effective today, of four Representative Co-Chairs, following Takashi Fujimura’s completion of his second term as CEO and Representative Director. The decision to change the leadership structure from one CEO and Representative Director to four Representative Co-Chairs reflects our recognition that Japan’s social sector has transformed significantly since the time of SVP Tokyo’s founding.

SVP Tokyo’s primary mission is to generate social impact by supporting social entrepreneurs, and historically the CEO and Representative Director has been tasked with the responsibility of setting SVP Tokyo’s strategic direction. As Japan’s business sector has increasingly become involved in tackling social issues, we have come to recognize that SVP Tokyo’s services and value proposition are no longer unique. In light of this transformation in the environment that surrounds us, we have decided that SVP Tokyo’s new direction should be entrusted to its partners, as members of society undergoing transformation, as representatives of their respective business and social sectors and as individuals. 

Based on this new vision, we intend to focus more on SVP Tokyo’s other mission of providing partners with experiences to grow in the social sector so that partners can strengthen their capacity to generate social impact. This change will be reflected in our new management style based on which responsibilities will be more dispersed among partners.

This marks a new and exciting beginning for SVP Tokyo. We look forward to continuing to work with you.


Leadership Team (Representative Co-Chairs)

Shin’ichi KAMIYO

Born in Mie Prefecture. Shin’ichi Kamiyo has worked for a broadcaster since 1990, and has served as director of news programs and documentaries and has also held responsibilities in international programming and publicity matters. He joined SVP Tokyo in 2008 and has previously served as a director in charge of administrative matters. As the Representative Director of NPO Blastbeat, he has been involved in high school and university students’ career education.

Masayuki SEGAWA

Born in Kita-kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. After working on a number of consulting projects for a non-Japanese consulting firm, Masayuki Segawa joined a start-up’s management team, and later founded Societal, which provides project design solutions. He joined SVP Tokyo in 2013, and has worked with a number of social ventures while also serving as a director.  In 2014, he founded a Kita-kyushu-based social fund, and continues to support social entrepreneurs across a wide range of areas.


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.  After graduating from a university in the United States, Masayasu Kirigaya joined an affiliate of Recruit Holdings. In addition to providing HR services for over 20 years, he runs a family business and has launched an import business. He also has received an MBA degree in Spain. Since joining SVP Tokyo in 2016, he has supported over 10 organizations.


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture and spent part of her childhood in the United States. Yumi Toda’s full-time job is in marketing research, and she has expertise in qualitative and quantitative research in and outside Japan.  She also serves as a moderator. She joined SVP Tokyo in 2017, and has been the director in charge of community affairs since 2019.